Welcome to Karma

Karma Surfaces are a London brand who merge materials, products and technology to create truly unique materials. At Karma, we really do live for surfaces. With over 30 years collective experience in the hard surfaces business, we understand what our customers want.

Innovation is our hallmark. We combine our knowledge of materials with technology to create our living surfaces. Surfaces which not only follow current design trends and look great, but innovate to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Our versatile range is constantly evolving, changing and growing – living.

Our Values


If 30 years of collective experience means one thing, it means that we know what matters.

We know our partners and customers would never accept poor quality, and, neither will we. That’s why we make an effort to ensure that the quality of the material and the products we supply is second to none, and we are so confident that we offer a 20 year guarantee.

We know that good products make happy customers. And happy customers make us happy.

After all, it’s just good karma.



Many homeowners lament the cost of designing a beautiful living space and, at Karma, we heard them.

That’s why we price fairly and with our customer in mind. Unlike some other brands, we don’t make our customers pay the cost of a bloated marketing budget or fancy ad campaign. We just want you to enjoy our product.

After all, we’ve designed it for you.



At Karma, we are always looking for a new and better way to do things. That’s why we partner with the tech industry to produce surfaces which don’t only look great, but make life easier for our customers.

Our ground-breaking LiveSurface ™ technology allows for cutting edge wireless charging to be embedded and charge directly through the surface. No wires, cables or unslightly plastic hubs to ruin the view of your beautiful countertop.

The devices have been specially designed and tested to work through all of our material, so you can charge any Qi Wireless device that is placed on top of it.

At Karma, we never stop looking. So just imagine what we will come up with next.


Our Range

Karma’s range of surfaces have been selected with one person in mind – our customer. We have included only the most current patterns and trends on the market today. From the classic Calacatta marble effect, to the latest trending Industrial look, the range is designed to give our consumers design driven and beautiful surfaces.

Our range is ever growing and changing to suit tastes and preferences.

25 Year Warranty

Low Maintenance

Excellent Service

Impact Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Heat Resistance

Stain Resistance

About Us

Based in central London, Karma sits at the heart of the design and technology community. We draw on our location, as well as the relationships we have built in over 30 years collective experience within the natural and engineered surfaces business, to bring innovative products to market.

With our ethos of quality, value and innovation, Karma Surfaces constantly strive to build a lasting reputation for product and service excellence for both our commercial and residential clients.

After all, that’s just good Karma.